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Normally the cycle of logistics is very huge, where in numerous players and processes are involved. to integrate all the players in the logistics life cycle, a manufacturing industry must urge for the effective video conferencing technology.

Video collaboration technology has become an on-demand service which can be implemented for multi-point and point-to-point meetings with continual presence and 24 hour customer support. As the logistics industry requires effective communication between various origins which are spread across various corners of the world, international calling is a mandatory asset. In these circumstances, video conferencing is an best solution for the industry to conduct international calling in a cost effective and qualitative manner.

The video collaboration technology is not as much spread across the logistics due to the in-availability of the bandwidth. As per the modern video collaboration technology, bandwidth is not a problem, where-in the users are now free to conduct the video conferences over low bandwidth.

Video conferencing in logistics is a mandatory communication technology in the recent years, as the international calling costs are growing high. The video conferencing is the best solution that is being carried out by most of the logistics firms. The cost effective solution for the communication purpose is in the same way we are reacting for the solution of many of the problems that are dealt with the communication.

Through the video conferencing solution, the logistics companies can make international calling over nominal VoIP charges. SIP feature embedded with the EPBAX of the organization will allows the conference members to call to any number around the world and can let them enter the conference. This feature serves beneficiary for the logistics organizations in effectively executing the logistics life cycle.

Apart from SIP feature, there are various other features that ease logistic managers, they are the data sharing, file transfer, video recording etc. Through the web conferencing solution, the logistics manager will directly communicate with the regional suppliers and will account all the transactions that are held form there end. To check the report of that particular supplier, the logistics manager can ask the supplier to share instantaneously the data, through the data sharing or file transfer option. In this way the logistics manager can survey the logistics cycle on the go.

The followings are the various advantages of video conferencing for logistics:

Reduces complexities in executing the logistics life cycle

Enables Just In Time Delivery of the goods

Enables effective collaboration between the loop of suppliers and the logistics manager.

Instantaneous international callings

The logistics manager can make faster decisions

Enhanced inter organizational collaboration

Minimized travel between offices

The logistics organization can deliver cost effective and reliable services

Can be a part of the CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) (green) initiative

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Video conferencing for Logistics firms

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Video conferencing for Logistics firms

This article was published on 2013/05/15